The Exhibit at Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery


An Exhibition of Fine Art by Christopher Schulte representing the Will Flores Fund

The Exhibit at Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery- Plaza Frontenac- Enter gallery from parking garage entrance.

Christopher Schulte, the founder, principal artist, and chair of The Will Flores Fund, is being showcased by the Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery as a preeminent local artist in a gallery exhibit at its Frontenac Plaza Store, lower level.
(Enter directly through garage level or take escalator from store first floor. Noon ‘till 6 pm.)
The exhibit is a tour de force, revealing the breadth and the variety of Christopher’s artistic vision (this exhibit shows only a portion of the body of his work),and the gallery itself is a lovely  meditative space that lets you wander and enjoy. The exhibit will be up through August, 2022, and  is, of  course,  free of  charge. All proceeds from the sale of the art go to The Will Flores Fund.

Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery

(At Plaza Frontenac)

Noon to 6pm

Mondays Through Sundays

Till the End of March